Mr Baker is not so much a scholar as a writer.

He can run a hundred meters in less than ten seconds.

We're ready to begin.

His car ran into a tree.


The job is not suitable for young girls.


I'd like to have some more mashed potatoes.

Thanks for the chocolate. It was delicious.

They don't make you happy.

I can't believe I made him cry.

When did you last talk to them?

A weatherman is someone with whom the weather does not always agree.

It looks like Doyle won the race.

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First love is a kind of vaccination which saves a man from catching the complaint the second time.

I'll tell you when I see you.

I'm so glad you could make it.

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I tore the picture out of the album.

That child is impossible.

I'm just calling to say hi.

Would you pass the salad?

Sergio seemed annoyed.

A wooden bed is better than a golden coffin.

We're concerned about that.

Linda said he loved me.

You gotta be making this up.

I need a woman in my life.

She didn't win the prize, but she competed until the last moment and surprised everyone.

Fortunately, he was free of debt.

Shouldn't you take a break?

I need to take Milner to the hospital.

Yeah, that's what I'll do.


Tell them you're not ready.


Scurvy, a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C, long ago plagued sailors who ate no citrus fruits.

Gerald will go.

I'm not letting you go alone.


If they were Canadians, this problem wouldn't exist.

Please don't touch.

I'm not even Canadian.


Rayan stopped dead in his tracks.

When was it built?

He was an excellent student, so far as I'm aware.

Rich wanted Mark to read him a story.

He must have been home then.

But why would I help you?

Gail is a brilliant young lawyer.

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How fast does this car go?

Tell Liber we're going to need more time.

I'm on my way to the meeting right now.


Monty is trying hard to get the report written before 2:30.


This is the reason why I came here.

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Everybody looks up to Jennie.

She had a little money.

I'll soon catch up with you.

You must choose the second-best policy according to the circumstances.

They appointed a judge.


I want to ask you a question.


Thuan returned to the campsite.

Do you know who took the call?

He is rich while his elder brother is poor.


You must not lose sight of your goal in life.

It's been six years since I started to study English.

I've been wanting to ask you something.

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I know I did a horrible thing.


Could you suggest an alternative date?

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"Mom, can I buy me an ice cream?" "No way, because if I let you, it will spoil your dinner."

Does your girlfriend speak English?

Although a few countries have laws that permit physician-assisted suicide in some circumstances, physician groups generally oppose such legislation when it is proposed.

They climbed up on the roof to clean the chimney.

She did not turn up.

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Much water is needed.

Ostriches are incapable of flight.

The Prime Minister proposed administrative reforms.

Nobody is free from care.

Don't interrupt me.

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I want exactly what you want.


You look tired. You must have been working too hard.


You are not at all what I expected.


We've got to do better than that.

I want to find out the source of this irresponsible rumor.

Whose idea was this?


Darin was the one who helped me escape from jail.

Caleb couldn't get the door open.

Wendell has a way with words.

Maybe you shouldn't leave.

I hate you so much.

Don't worry, Fred, I'll be discreet.

Space weighs more than Jelske does.

Shall we?

We're glad to have Takeuchi back.


Who brought us here?


Claude bought a car.

Ravi can't decide what to buy.

We often use them as umbrellas or parasols.

Where were you on 9/11?

There were no serious injuries.


The impurities of the water were visible to the naked eye.

That's the key.

So practical!

He has the lead in the race.

We stayed at the Dorchester.

I remember Those quite well.

Norbert just got a new job.

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I have hemorrhoids.

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We're developing an Android application at the moment.

I didn't say which country.

Open your atlas of Japan to page 3.


She's the official spokesperson for Tatoeba.

I didn't know you couldn't drive.

"We must go and fetch fire," said the first. "The only house near is a hut in the forest, where a Baba Yaga lives. One of us must go and borrow fire from her."

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Tammy has learned how to swim.

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Her friends waited for her by the gate.


Seeing a white lilly is splendid.

Wow, that was close.

He was encouraged by his success.

I kind of like Manolis.

Should I tell him that I like him or that I love him?


Those who labour with their minds govern others; those who labour with their strength are governed by others.

Somebody took a shot at us.

His name didn't come back to me.


The amount of smoke that comes out of an electronic cigarette isn't bad at all.

A boy ran up to me.

Let somebody else do it.

I'm a congruent man.

There's a lot of greenery in Tokyo Midtown!


Wet firewood doesn't burn well.

I need to move and warm me up.

I have a headache.

The manager put forward a new proposal.

Our principal wanted to admit Bob to our school.


She brought me a letter to translate.


We're the only ones who know the combination to the safe.

We'll see who finishes first.

Sassan isn't very clever.

Jugo is a southwestern wind, isn't it?

She knows her way around the city.

There's something I want to ask you.

You have a lot to learn about men.

Tell him I need some money.

I'm sorry that I can't be who you want me to be.

I didn't like this game until I started winning.

We stayed around the bonfire telling jokes and horror histories.

No practical joker should be without a whoopee cushion.

She's aggressive.

For several entries, there are direct phone numbers.

I sleep a lot during the day, so it feels like I'm warping through time.

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They aren't going to help you.


Nancy has never been to Boston before.


He spotted five mistakes in as many lines.

Jerome's bedtime is nine o'clock on school nights.

Why will you not listen to reason?

The game will be called off if it rains tomorrow.

Let's just stay out of each other's way.

You don't have to sing.

The very next day after the departure of it's friend, it felt lonely.


What language do they speak in Mexico?

I work under her.

Don't hurt the dog.

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What are they asking for?